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Combine Internet Disability Application with Disability Report!

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When Someone currently fills out the Disability Application online or the Disability Report, rarely do they file and submit the same day. If the website did not give them the option to do one or the other but made it into one application this would reduce phone calls, letters, along with wasted time and resources. Not only that many attorneys will only submit the Application and will mail or fax the Adult disabilty report (wasted resources) then that needs to be input by hand into the system(wasted time), it can sometimes take longer to do a paper application vs. just doing it live. Variables involved is poor handwriting or just incomplete and could result in having to recontact the claimant anyways. It was told to me that a major Attorney said they didn't do it online disability report because it took to long for their workers to input into the system, instead they mail the paperwork to their claimants for them to fill out and they mail it to us, as a result a delay in the disability process. This process could be simplified and made easier to be done online.

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