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Combine Federal Data Centers into one Data Powerhouse

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Combine all the federal agencies data under one roof. Build a data powerhouse a state-of-the-art facility that provides secure data processing services to federal agencies. The data powerhouse manages mainframe and server operations, monitors the wide area network and provides key service desk, technical support and disaster recovery services for many of the federal governments mission-critical applications.

The Federal Government must rethink traditional practices and assumptions or risk becoming obstacles to opportunity.

All the agencies use the same hardware, software, applications and most use the same data. Streamline government services and make federal government `Friction-Free.'

So by doing this will provide the federal government with the fastest, most reliable services possible. And we'll save taxpayers millions in the process, while eliminating duplicate investments and use the cost savings to invest in other key technology projects to streamline government operations, enhance public safety and improve customer service.

This will leave agencies with the fastest possible access to the latest computing technology. This provides agencies with the best equipment for delivering reliable and quicker response times for their customers.

The financial and environmental costs are endless. This is the right thing for our and our children’s future.

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