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Color coated officer pat down gloves by size

I noticed that when we TSO's change our Blue gloves, sometimes when we pull them out of the box and they all pop out all over the drawer. Then when we try to organize them, we can't tell what size goes in what box, so a lot of the gloves are thrown away. I think if we had colored gloves for the different sizes, that would be more efficient. Or maybe a colored band around the top of them to identify what size is what.


We could do small in light Red, medium in light blue, large in white, extra large in navy and so on.... depending the preferences. When I swab another colleagues gloves after a pat-down, I like to bring them a new pair of gloves to change into and take the dirty gloves with me and throw them away as I'm testing the swab at the ETD. If I see the color that my fellow officer is wearing, I won't have any question as to what size to bring to them. I also believe that if they get mixed up in the drawers, they can easily be sorted in their prospective boxes because the colors will match.



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