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Colleges Should Charge In-State Tuition for GI Bill

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I have to admit that recently my family was the subject of an unknown to us huge waste of government money. Since my wife and I are both veterans, our tuition is paid through the GI Bill. Since we don't receive the bill for our tution, we never knew we were being charged as out of state residents, even though we were both living in my home of record state.


It wasn't until my wife's GI Bill ran out that we said, hey, something isn't right here. Needless to say we appealed her residency status and got it changed to in-state tuition.


This oversight cost the governement about $30,000 over the two years of her undergrad.


For us it was an honest mistake, for some they don't even care because the government is picking up the tab anyways.


I purpose that schools recieving grants or funds from the governement should be required to bill the VA for in-state tuition for all students using the Post 9/11 GI Bill.


As of now, there is no requirement or incentive for the student to ensure their status is correct, especially when most students are indeed being charged out of state tuition as a school error because they have been living elsewhere for four years.


Since schools are already getting plenty of money from the government, they can, and should, be required to charge all veterans under the GI Bill in-state tution rates.

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