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Coast Guard Innovation Expo - Require A Cost-Benefit Analysis

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The Coast Guard conducts an annual Innovation Expo, a large, and very costly event entailing extensive travel costs, conference fees, personnel time, planning expenses, etc... The locations rotate around the country and have included Florida, New Orleans, and other similar venues.


While the Innovation Expo's intent is to highlight innovative ideas within the organization, very similar to the SAVE Award, it does so at a very high cost. It does this every year.


The USCG should produce formal documentation in the form of a cost-benefit analysis to justify this continued expense.


As DHS and other federal agencies have focussed on reducing travel costs, conference fees, etc, this annual conference has remained an annual, very-expensive item.


A formal, published Cost Benefit Analysis should be completed for all annual conferences so that the organization, its parent department, and the taxpayers are aware of the costs associated with these events and the benefits they are receiving for those costs.

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