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Coast Guard Almis Program

Right now the Coast Guard is in transistion to standardizing the way preventive maintenance is performed on its small boats. The system is called ALMIS. As of right now, the stations are required to keep a hard copy of all the maintenance procedure cards just in case the computer programs go down and we can't print off the procedure cards. Week in and week out we have to print up 5, 10, sometimes upto 17 or more pages of instructions just to complete ONE maintenance item on the boats. There is no telling how many maintenance items has to be performed on the boats week in and week out. We aren't allowed to use our hard copy of the maintenance procedure cards because ALMIS routinely comes out with updated procedure cards and the ones we have in a binder in case the programs on the computers go down may not be the most current procedures to follow. Well, instead of printing out the pages upon pages of procedures every week, why not let us use our hard copies? What they could do is post a notice on the ALMIS website about which cards have been updated. Then the units can have someone designated in the engineering department that is required once a week to go on there and look for updates. If they do find them they merely print them off and replace the old ones that are in the binders. This way you aren't printing out hundreds of pieces of paper weeek in and week out. Now imagine how much paper that saves if every standardized Coast Guard station would incorporate that.



Idea No. 4699