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Cloud Computing, Dumb Terminals, InfoSec, and Data Archives

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Developments by companies utilizing cloud based computing (particularly Google) are resulting in an increasingly robust solution including enterprise class sercurity and online data storage. Firewall, IDS/IPS, Data Leakage Prevention, system wide applications, etc., can all be controlled "in the cloud" by connecting all remote users through dumb terminals. Dumb terminals allow users to connect to a central network without retaining sensitive information on its hard drive. Minimal hardware and applications are needed to run a dumb terminal as long as the system can connect wirelessly, or wired, to the cloud (previously connect to wired servers / network systems). Also, dumb terminals are incredibly inexpensive, retailing for approximately $100 each. Development of dumb terminals as tablets would allow mobile computing capabilities for field personnel, reduce security risk of data loss, and would represent a significant cost saving per unit. Adroid capabilities and computer capabilities all available through a tablet. Lastly, cloud based computing could be used as a comprehensive data archive solution across agencies combining extensive metadata searches, reduced paper storage (inventory exp.), labor hours, and overhead expenses. Scanning documents into a cloud based data storage archive would allow web crawler algorithms to rapidly search data resulting in increased information access / sharing. NARA retention guidelines could be followed using automatic system controls to reduce cloud data storage costs ultimately reducing manual data purging errors and physical filing errors.

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