Social Security Administration

Clean Up SSA

Clean up SSA by monitoring and eliminating the illegal/biased hiring practices, biased PACS evaluation program practices, the biased awards program and the retaliation of the HTGN WV ODAR office Management. The one judge that was suspended and then resigned was just one of the authorities in this office that manipulates employees, abuses their power/position, discriminates against employees and perpetuates a hostile work environment for the employees of the HTGN WV ODAR office. If the Management personnel and those that were previously in management positions from the start of this year were investigated for these abuses listed above, they would be found guilty, removed from their positions because of their abuse of power and bias, new employees could be hired for these positions with scrutinized monitoring to prohibit further inappropriate actions. The US government could save millions in EEOC charges, district court charges, senate investigations, OIC investigations, etc. and make this office a better place to work so that it could be a more productive, happier place to work. Every human being deserves a work environment free from bias, retaliation, hostility, harassment and abuse.



Idea No. 13885