Social Security Administration

Civil Service Management Qualification Act

To improve the civil service over all departments and agencies, guarantee competence.


GS-15's get to a salary ranking at the 98%ile on the distribution of compensation published by the SSA Actuary ( Just add one sentence to Title 5, the Civil Service statutes:

"As of 1 year from date of enactment, no person shall be appointed to, NOR REMAIN encumbering any management position at GS-15 or above except that that person shall have established a score ranking at the 98th%ile or above on at least one of the widely recognized tests of general ability (SAT, ACT, GRE, WAIS, Woodcock-Johnson, Wonderlic)."

This will insure that the fertilizer artists, boot-lickers and paper-shufflers will no longer run the government, and make the civil service very attractive as an employer by the guarantee that the boss is not dumb. This would mean government jobs are no longer in the "Dilbert Zone."

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