Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation

Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation- why do we have it?

As I was scrolling through the drop down of choices I ran across the Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation. My first thought was what is it. My second thought when I looked up there website and found this mission statement- "encourage and support research, study and labor designed to produce new discoveries in all fields of endeavor for the benefit of mankind." was simply why do we have it. We have a thing called the Department of Education that should be encouraging research study, and produce new discoveries. This a a perfect example of government waste. We are paying duplicate for the same functions of government in practically every department, agency, and office. What ever federal funding this program receives, nix it and make this a nonprofit organization supported by private donations if they wish to continue. This is only one example that I chose to single out, but the fact is we have more government than revenue supporting it. It is time for our country to prioritize what gets funded.



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