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Check your contractor

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In my time in the government I have seen contractors time and time again pull shenanigans. These contractors are wasteful. Time and time again, they somehow require much more money and time than they originally bid to do the job. They are taking advantage of Uncle Sam's now shallow pockets. Contractors should be required to finish the project as contracted, on time and within budget. They lowball the bid to get the job knowing full well that they will actually get more money. They know if a project is 75% complete it would be implausible to leave the project incomplete and more expensive to bring in someone new to complete it. If not done as bid they should be penalized by losing the right to bid for a year. It would also save money if we did not have to give numerous overtime hours to our federal employees to correct the mistakes and work out the bugs after the contractor leaves. Imagine you hire a contractor in your home to do your bathroom. He bid $8000 for the renevation. Half way through he tells you he is going to need 2 more weeks and $4000 more. After he leaves you spend hours everynight after work correcting all the mistakes. If you were the government it would not matter and you would hire him again to do the kitchen. You would never let that happen in your home. So why are we letting this happen within our government????

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