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Change the tax code and laws!!!!!

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Right now in the US we all are taxed based on our income. As we can see this does not work because half the people who pay into taxes get refunds and end up paying nothing in, and those who are at the top of the ladder end up having so many deductions they can do they end up paying nothing as well. Not forgetting there are also people who just do not report taxes at all. I ask that we change or tax code up from one based on income to one that is based on a nation wide sales tax. This will make sure everyone in the nation pays their fair share. People who would normally not report or pay taxes would end up having to pay because they need to go and buy things so they can live, and the wealthiest of Americans would also pay their fair share of taxes. It would change everything for everyone to pay taxes based on how much they consume and no one would be exempt from it. Heck the US government may find out that they would make a lot more money that way, and everyone would be happier. Several other countries have done the exact same thing and it works better.

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