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Change flight booking requirements for all DoD chartered flights

Recently, Airline companies changed their policy to one checked bag only, when reserving a flight.

This has caused a drastic increase in overall fees for travel. When travelling on American Airlines, and probably other companies, this is causing a 100-300 dollar markup.

For those at overseas locations, this can literally double the cost. For instance, on a recent trip through USAFE, I incurred a 400 Euro fee for my extra bag, while the original ticket cost 600 Euros (for a last minute flight)...this would cause the cost to normally triple for a normal booked flight.

The actual solution would be to require SATO to reserve the original booking to two bags, and if that's not feasible, then there should be some sort of agreement with airline manufacturers to allow for the booking of extra bags.

With the amount of movement undertaken by the military, this would save millions.

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