Department of the Interior

Change Procurement Procedures to Require Lowest Cost Purchases

I have had the frustration when trying to purchase supplies and equipment of researching the lowest cost available on items only to have our procurement office purchase items at a higher cost because they were being purchased from a small business or disadvantaged business rather than a large company. This seems an absurd waste of tax dollars that can add up to a significant amount across the federal government each year. If federal procurement rules were changed to always require purchases from the lowest cost vendor, including shipping, we could save countless tax dollars. I have seen costs more than 10% higher on items in recent weeks under the current system. I work hard to maximize the supplies and materials I am able to purchase with the federal dollars alloted to my work group, it frustrates me to see my efforts are sometimes in vain and the tax payers are not getting the greatest reward for their tax dollars.



Idea No. 16164