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Change Policy and Reimbursement Rates on Motorcycles and Planes

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The mileage rates for private motorcycles (definitely) and private airplanes (possibly) should be reduced, and the policy under which they are used or reimbursed should be reevaluated and changed. As of now if you take a personally operated vehicle (POV; i.e your personal car or truck) when a government vehicle (GOV) is available, you are rightly reimbursed for mileage at a smaller rate (something like 19 cents versus 51 cents) as it is disadvantageous to the government. However, if you take a personal motorcycle under ANY circumstance (i.e GOV available or GOV not available) you are always reimbursed at 48 cents a mile; a seemingly sky high rate for a low maintentance, fuel efficient vehicle. Many dollars could be saved by changing the policy to lower the motorcycle and plane rates when a GOV is available and lower the motorcycle rate, and possibly the plane rate overall.

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