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Department of Defense

Change Fiscal Year Spending Policies

Being in the military, I have seen the way the fiscal year spending policies currently in place have affected missions, causing us to be unable to purchase items that we need in a timely manner. Yet when it comes to the end of the fiscal year, we rush out to spend money on new flat screen TV's among other things just to insure our budget for next year isnt cut.


From what I have read, MANY other departments have this same problem, where nearing the end of the fiscal year, the ones in charge of the budget rush out and blow the rest of their budget on items that arent needed or replace items that function just fine.


This needs to stop. The current way the budgets are set up incentivizes wasteful spending, and penalizes frugality. This needs to be fixed, either by incentivizing frugality while not causing this problem to affect missions.



Idea No. 5725