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Change Coast Guard station PMS.

Right now the Coast Guard is moving towards standardizing preventive maintenance for the buildings and equipment at stations, The program they are using is called SAM, shore asset management. Right now that program uses and wastes huge amounts of paper. Every item that comes up due for maintenance has at least two pieces of paper attached to it. One is supposed to be filled out by the worker and the other is instructions on how to perform the task that needs to be done. Well I have seen over 60 of the tasks have to be done in one week by a small station. That's a minimum of 120 sheets of paper, minimum. A lot of the preventive maintenance tasks can be condensed. For example, we have to currently print out the worker filled sheet and instructions for every piece of equipment. Why? A shower is a shower, a toilet is a toilet, and a sink is a sink. Yet, even though there are 6 identical showers here, I have to print out pages for them individually. The same goes for the sinks and toilets as well as for every fire extinguisher here. Why not list all the like items on one sheet and just check them off the sheet as maintenance is performed? Just think of all the money and paper the Coast Guard could save all across the service if they just combined the like items.



Idea No. 4687