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Certified Nurse Practioners - Hire more in the Government

Certified Family Nurse Practitioners (CFNP), Certified Women's Health Nurse Practitioners (CWHNP), and Certified Nurse Midwives (CNM) are an underutilized and highly skilled segment of the health care industry that should be used more in the federal government.


The American Medical Association and other special interest groups have a strong incentive not to legitimize this noble profession. Popular culture has lead to the over-reliance of physicians as the only competent professinals to administer anything more than the most basic of medical care. Combined with the overall perception of advanced practice nursing as analogous to an "orderly" or "helper," Certified Nurse Practioners are unfairly dismissed as "less than a doctor."


Certified Nurse Practitioners (CNPs) work under the general supervision of a Physician, but can diagnose, write prescriptions, and provide services similar to that of a General Practice Physician. With a very strong focus on patient education and preventitive care, CNPs are on the front lines of the epidemics of cancer, aids, obesity, depression, domestic violence, teenage pregnancy, and other medical and social issues.


Since CNPs have a limited practice, the expense of medical malpractice insurance is significantly less. Also, the data on medical malpractice by CNPs shows that there are significantly less medical mistakes made when a CNP is providing primary care.


Using Certified Nurse Practitioners will drive medical costs down through preventitive care and lower overall cost per FTE. There is also an impending Nurse shortage, and a program that lends legitimacy to CNPs will have the added benefit of creating a greater population of Nurses, which have the potential to create a stronger interest in the Nursing profession.


the benefits and cost savings to the public



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