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Department of Veterans Affairs

Centralized transportation module for VA wide use

Recently coming from the transportation field within the U.S. military, i've come to appreciate the order in which this branch of the gov. operates. Working now in the same field for the VA is the a great shift, exept for the fact that i feel that i went from the future back to the stone age. Not the best comparison but close. One of the main problems that I've come to notice is the lack of a system that tracks all the data you need not just a portion, a system that helps the fleet administrators track all vehicle maintenace issues and expenses, tracks daily vehicle requests info. while leaving such paper requests as the VA form 3075 for emergencies only, (now that requests can electronically submitted). Also tracks manpower and vehicle usage and expenses that are critical for a fleet manager or dispatcher when a report drops down and eliminates the time put in looking for all this data through multiple websites and spreadsheets. Additionally tracks vehicle licensing withing the VA. Such a system exists, called OLVIMS within DOD, USAF. It seems like every brach of the federal gov. has a different way of tracking Information like this, why not put every body in the same page of doing things or close to it. I understand every Department, Bureau, Service etc. has a different mission or agenda, but the concept its still the same a gov. vehicle is a gov. vehicle. And as long as I've been working for the Federal gov. the basic regulations for operating a GOV,GSA, or leased vehicle are the same for every service.



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