Department of Veterans Affairs

Centralized Veterans Hearing Scheduling - Virtual Docket

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Recommend to schedule, process, and manage virtually (via “Virtual Docket”) all Veterans hearings that are requested before the Board of Veterans’ Appeals (BVA). Currently the BVA processes over 18,500 hearings annually.


The anticipated cost saving for the government is an estimate three million dollars.


The BVA relies upon the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) 57 Regional Offices (ROs) to schedule BVA Video and Travel Board Hearings. The ROs utilize antiquated systems to schedule Veterans using paper docket sheets and various renegade databases. This is inefficient and time consuming.


With Virtual Docket – we will have a system that they can schedule Veterans for their hearings instantaneously and seamlessly. This will also provide the BVA and the VBA with a central repository for all hearings scheduled by Veterans. This will also provide the ability for Veterans to view their scheduled hearings online via e-benefits – and ultimately provide better service to our Veterans and their families in need.

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