Department of Veterans Affairs

Centralized Supply Warehouse

I believe that the government spends thousands of dollars each year on excessive office supplies. Generally, there are standard supplies that everyone needs to do their job e.g. staplers, tape dispensers, scissors, ink pens, post it notes etc. There should be a supply room (something similiar to a SPD supply room for medical supplies) where employees can go and get administrative supplies. Have you ever seen an area when an employee relocates to a different office space - the amount of supplies left behind is shocking - eventually EMS will come and throw everything out to make room for the next employee who will require the same supplies. Each service/department in the goverment has a purchase card holder who is responsible for ordering office supplies. Often, there is not a process in place to ensure employees are ordering what they need versus what they want. This situations can easily allow for employees to abuse the system, especially if they do not have an approving official to review "questionalbe" items. If there were a centralized supply warehouse, employees would physically request and sign for 2 packs of post it notes versus 10. I have heard employees say that they order "extra" in the event that funds won't be available at a later date. I also think centralizing will cut down on deliveries to the facility. The delivery trucks would only deliver supplies to the warehouse and not numerous individual departments per day. If there was a special request for an item that was outside of what would be considered a regularly used item, the requestor would submit a form to include justification for the request e.g. headsets, label makers etc. I believe this process would hold employees accountable for the supplies they use and decrease waste, thus saving the government potentially thousands of dollars.



Idea No. 16322