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Centralized Data Centers Within Federal Buildings

Currently the populations of many federal buildings are made up of several agencies, not a single agency. Each of these individual agencies has a need to house IT equipment of some kind, anything from a small server for an office of 5 to large agency wide data centers could be required in any given federal building. Each agency is required to rent office space to house this IT equipment, supplemental cooling is often required to support this equipment. Providing supplemental cooling means installing costly secondary equipment, equipment that is duplicated for each agency or often times each server room.


If these server rooms were located in the basements of federal buildings, in the same room, many cost savings could be realized. Security and separation between systems could still be maintained either with lockable server housing or physical dividers. Locating servers centrally within buildings saves agencies from having to rent prime office space to house their servers. With centralized data centers better more efficient methods of cooling can also be used and agencies can save on having to install a new system, they just pay for maintenance of an existing system. This saves energy, maintenance, and installation costs. Additionally this could provide the opportunity for smaller or agencies with less funding to take advantage of other services that could be centralized along with the heating and cooling such as battery or generator backups.



Idea No. 13375