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Centralize Military Personnel Systems Manger (PSM) Workload

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PSM workload is currently performed at installation-level by one to three PSMs across 77 locations. Recommend PSM workload be centralized at the Air Force Personnel Operations Agency (AFPOA) to save manpower, to achieve efficiency of operations, and to standardize the level of service provided.

The level of service across 77 Military Personnel Sections (MPS) varies widely. Some PSMs are very willing to solve problems and provide MPS technicians with automated products to make their jobs easier and less time intensive, while others do the absolute minimum to help MPS technicians perform work more effectively and efficiently.


Civilian PSM workload is centralized at AFPOA. AFPOA performs civilian PSM workload for 96 locations using only 44% of the manpower that was being utilized when it was performed at installation-level.


Decentralized, approximately 130 full time manpower positions, not including contractors, are required to perform military PSM workload across 76 locations. Subject matter experts and former installation-level PSMs at AFPOA agree centralization is feasible and a centralized location should be more capable of adjusting to a surge in workload due to a larger pool of available resources. Some workload transformation is already taking place: 1) Users will soon be able to reset their own password, which eliminates the need for a local PSM to assist. 2) Military Personnel Data System (MilPDS) is being upgraded to a full web application, thus PSM processes required today won't be done in the near future. 3) DISCOVERER queries and requests, which are two of the larger man-hour processes for PSMs, will soon be centralized as well. All these changes make a strong case for centralization of military PSM workload at AFPOA, which could yield a manpower savings of 65 manpower positions or 3.2 million dollars saved. Additional monies could be saved through cost avoidance associated with base-level contracts that include PSM workload.

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