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Social Security Administration

Centralize Federal Job Application Systems

While all agencies are required to post vacant Federal positions on USAJOBS, each agency uses a different "back-end" system to accept and manage electronic applications (such as Avue, Resumix, QuickHire, and USA Staffing). These systems are fee-based and cost millions of dollars in contracts for each agency. OPM manages USA Staffing, but agencies are not required to use it and must pay for the licenses. If every agency was required to use the OPM system, and if OPM was given a budget to manage the system instead of charging agencies to use it, millions of dollars could be saved in so many agencies. Also, bringing this function back "in house" would eliminate a lot of confusion for Federal job applicants. For each agency's application system, they've got to create a user name, password, upload or create a new resume, etc. Furthermore, applicants have to provide their SSNs when applying for jobs, so there are many risks for PII exposure when so many different systems contain thousands of SSNs in their data repositories. The Application Management function should be brought back in house and managed by OPM. Doing so would save millions (possibly billions) of dollars and would create a seamless application process for job seekers.



Idea No. 13495