Office of Personnel Management

Central system for Time & Labor recording

My idea is to utilize one (or few) central system(s) for as many Federal components as possible to record their employees' time in a work status. For instance, every TSA employee could swipe their PIV I.D. card in/out at any airport to record their Time & Labor info. ( bi-weekly time sheets). Then the burden would be removed from the individual employee in recording/reporting his time worked, thereby freeing him to be more productive in his actual duties. This process could also be used in the Border Patrol, Forestry Service, Capital Police, even the White House. Millions of dollars and thousands of man-hours could be saved by streamlining a biweekly process that consumes much effort in every Federal agency, even though the entire payroll process is very predictable, and repetitive in nature.

For example, a Secret Service agent in travel status could swipe his ID card in at one office, swipe out at a different office, and his Time & Labor info. would be recorded to make processing his payroll easier.

Other applications of this system could be used for the benefit of taxpayers to view how many hours their Senators & Representatives actually spend in the Capital or in their offices. Managers on TDY could be tracked for enhanced efficiency, and an office like FEMA would find this system particularly helpful.

Right now, too many Federal agencies use antiquated hard-copy paperwork to report their work hours.

The KRONOS time-keeping system was initially set up for TSA to begin using, but the system never made it out of the planning stage. Now, years later, it's time to revisit that plan and even expand it to realize the massive savings it could generate and to avoid timekeeping and paperwork duplications and redundancies in every Federal agency.

My bank knows via my debit card where and when I make my purchases, it should be an easy lift to translate that technology into an accurate timekeeping system all Fed. offices can use.

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