Department of Justice

Case Manager

Policy requires Unit Team (UT) staff to work nights and weekends. Staff are trying to do more with less (collateral duties, working officer posts, covering unassigned staff duties) while other agencies are required to take unpaid days, a way to save government money is to disallow workers who can complete their normal duties during regular business hours, from working after 6pm and weekends. Case Managers (CM) and Counselors (CC) need to be available during the operation of courts, community corrections offices, and AUSA's offices in order get needed information for release plans and separation cases. All CM and CC functions can be done up til 6pm Monday-Friday. In my experience CM have many duties that cannot be handled in the eve/wknd hours due to lack of staffing and hours community contacts and courts are available. UT staffing is spread so thin over the 7 days in a week that CCs and CMs needed to do a Team Meeting on an inmate have difficulty finding a day that they both attend. Some days there may not be a CC from that UT available to see an inmate. In my case my CC and I have 1.5 working days together, therefore my schedule dictates when I conduct Unit Team Meetings with very little room for adjustment, and adjustment is necessary in a correctional environment due to institutional needs taking priority. UT all working between M-F on a regular or compressed schedule would allow better communication, less impact when one UT member is pulled to cover a custody post, more days a week to conduct Team Meetings with inmates, gives inmates more days that they are able to see UT during open door to get their issues resolved. UT late night person hours should end after mainline at 6pm. UT schedule changing to days between M-F would save the government Sunday differential pay, evening differential pay, enable the CM to work during hours that they can complete all of their job tasks and save the government millions of dollars a year.



Idea No. 1874