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Case Files should be paperless

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Case files are a waste of paper with all the consistent printing and discarding of reports in the case files. That is an obvious waste, but what most don't realize is that we also have case file rooms or storage rooms that we rent in order to hold these case files. There is additional waste in funds that go to renting these storage rooms. And then lastly, after 5 years of a case being closed, the case is mailed to a facility for additional storage... wasting more funds on the postage and on the additional storage.

If we went electronic with our case files then they could easily be stored, old cases could be archived more easily, information could be transferred quicker, case files would never be lost, and our paper expenses would drastically diminish. We would still have expenses for the computer servers and such, but ultimately we would save money for lack of waste. Even out sourcing companies that come in to shred all our "paper for disposal" would not be needed. And of course the government gets to attach the "Going Green" label to itself... adding to the benefit of going paperless.

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