Department of the Treasury

Career Opportunity Voluntary Roster COVR

COVR will list job descriptions, all duties and additional duties as assigned from PD's, IRM'S DESK PROCEDURES, UNIT DAILY REPORTS, etc, used in the successful completion of individual and collective job tasks. Employees interested in continuing their careers can volunteer (check off) the various duties of the operation they have not had the opportunity to perform. Then through Cross Training, Details, Shadowing, and Internships their skill codes will increase, resulting in more equitable distribution of work, more narritive and self-assessment input and overall beter resumes and 9686"s. This can be done annually, when Mandatory Briefing, Unax, and Security Expectations are given, possibly semi-annually or quarterly. Millions will be saved in the training, development, and retention of employees. Taxpayers and the Federal Government will have better skilled and better qualified personnel. Countless cases in need of adjudication in respect to favoritism, preferential treatment and Quid Pro Quo will be pre-emptied saving additional moneies.



Idea No. 18867