Environmental Protection Agency

Career Limitation

If the President of the United States has a term limits, why we cannot establish all across the board that our Federal Agency Employee must have the ending of their high tenure appointment. That means all Federal Appointee must retire or force to retire at the end of their year of service to a Federal Service regardless of their ages.


My idea is to establish Federal Employee a term limits, just like military personnel. That way we can move on we can safe a lot of money for those who are eligible to retired and hire more new generation to help us to boost our economy this young generation are highly motivated and they work smartly. So by having a term limitation there will be a fair share and the opportunity to others that some American citizen have a desire to work for the U.S. Government.


This is the Career limitation to all none essential Federal Employee.


High Tenure


GS -15 - 30 yrs


GS- 14 - 28 yrs


GS-13 - 26 yrs


GS-12 - 24 yrs


GS-11 - 22yrs


All GS- 10 and below must retired at the 20 yrs.


***All Veterans with prior service to the U.S. Military are eligible to retired regardless of their Grade Level up to 30 year of service.


*** High Tenure Waiver will be case-to-case basis with maximum limitation up 24 months extension.


Justification so that we the Federal Agency can open their hiring capabilities to all qualified young generation U.S. Citizen, that are more knowledgeable to all new technologies, that the United States have to offer. We can save a lot of money for training. By sending old generation to get trained is not a wise decision because they are not going to stay longer the way the young generation will do. Because the reality of the matter old generation will retire soon. So having a tenure limitation will give other U.S. Citizen a chance to grow and a chance to progress and bring our federal agency back on top.



Idea No. 5480