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Cap Annual performance awards bonus to "just" $1000

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It is ridiculous that VA employees can get up to 5% of their pay for an annual performance award! This especially applies to people at the higher end who earn over $100,000. These people do NOT need another $5,000 as a bonus. I guarantee you that no one is going to leave their federal job if they do not get this bonus.


This size bonus is a huge waste of taxpaper's money. I think annual performance awards should be capped at $1000 for top exceptional performers and $500 for outstanding employees.


At my Bay Pines VA alone, with 3000 employees, I estimate capping the bonus would save $9,000,000 (nine MILLION dollars). Multiply this by 187 VA's and you save $1,683,000,000 (over 1 1/2 BILLION) dollars a year nationwide.


We as VA employees are SUPPOSED to do an exceptional job. Why should we receive a bonus for doing what we were hired to do?


You should stop this unlimited bonus, not just at all VA's, but at all federal agencies. This is a complete waste of taxpapers' money and should be stopped immediately.

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