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Cancel the JSpOC Mission System acquisition

The JSpOC Mission System (JMS) currently being bid for and led by the Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC) under Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) is a redundant, bloated effort to replace aging stovepiped systems with new(er) non-industry standard stovepiped systems derived from code almost a decade old, completely ignoring the guidance set forth in DoD Directive 5000.1. The current Commerical-Off-The-Shelf products that USSTRATCOM has already purchased are more than sufficient to accomplish every task set forth in the JMS Capabilities Description Document (CDD). The current limiting factor is the lack of policy support for integration, as the aging systems (Space Defense Operations Center (SPADOC), Command and verification of Ephemerides Network, (CAVENET)) are forbidden to integrate directly with currently available COTS systems. This is not due to security concerns, as a system is in place to filter cross domain information flow, but requests to modify these interfaces to share data with COTS systems located on adjacent networks are catagorically denied without explanation, while requests to share data with systems created/maintained by the space program office (currently SMC) are approved without delay. The stated difference is that the program office sees 'homegrown capabilities' using COTS as a 'threat to the acquisition', as COTS capabilities have been used for several high-profile operations within the past 3 years when delivered systems have proved inadequate, only to be removed after use, creating artificial scarcity.

What Air Force Space Command should do is this: put JMS on indefinite haitus, organize a small team of engineers to analyze the CDD, and, with high-level oversight to forstall political backlash, test and evaluate current software/hardware for fitness to accomplish CDD tasks. Done openly with honest metrics and peer-reviewed conclusions, this should save the ~$800 million projected to be spent on JMS, and set a precident for the DOD.



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