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Department of Energy

Cancel Amelia Island Leadership Conference

Each year in October a private company sponsors a "Leadership Conference" at Amelia Island. At the swanky resort. It is for the Environmental Management program at DOE.


It costs the Environmental Management office a ton of money to send representatives to it. It is pretty much a boon-doggle. And the private company makes a good bunch of change from hosting it.


I suggest that the conference be canceled. Or at least prohibit any government employees (including Senate confirmed) from attending using federal funds. Also prohibit contractor staff using federal funds. If contractors or government staff wish to go they can get the company to pay or pay themselves. Or if it is so vital to have a certain federal employee there, then the private company sponser can pay for the travel and hotel. Or perhaps a video link could be used for the presenters that the private company sponser wants to present but doesn’t want to pay for the travel cost.


Funds are tight. Kill this boon-doggle.



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