Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency


IDEA: consolidation of the Customs and Border Protection Federal Inspection Site security seal programs throughout the agency into one national seal office. Each local seal program drains the collective attentions of CBP port administration by diverting officer’s efforts away from the important work being done at the ports. Redundancies exist in the criminal checks performed by local CBP seal program officers on airport employees seeking FIS access, as well. A web-based portal system would allow CBP, airport security offices and stakeholders (airlines, vendors, etc.) to apply/monitor/report on all seal issues, cutting out the port’s responsibilities of administering the seal program requirements.


Efficiencies gained:


1. …the agency gains efficiencies (saving millions) in the use of its CBPO's and supervisors who will no longer need to devote inordinate amounts of time to manage a program that requires constant local attention.


2. …statistics increase as more "rubber meets the road". Congress is happy with CBP's efficiencies gained in the increased enforcement/facilitation presence of our officers in the field.


3. …national stakeholders enjoy one centralized program administrator to ensure consistent seal program applications across multiple locations


4. …more officers are available for enforcement operations / general enforcement activities and wait times decrease as more officers are able to deploy to primary functions.


5. …administrative consistency is ensured throughout the agency, better serving the public by maintaining one set of rules nationwide


6. …national FIS security directorate (HQS) will have an immediate link to the centralized processing center which will act as the implementing arm for all FIS security matters.


7. …staffing issues improve due to CBPO's moving away from an administrative function and back towards the front line



Idea No. 14198