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Buy components not the whole module

Inside the Individual First Aide Kit (IFAK), is several modules with one being the "minor module". The minor module consists of about 12 component parts and 3-4 are shelf life controlled. Instead of replacing the whole minor module at a cost of $19.23 as is the current practice, why not just replace the expired shelf life components inside of it. At our installation alone, all 841 IFAK are unserviceable due to shelf life expiration of three 1/32 oz Bacitarin Ointment packages within each minor module. The cost of the Bacitarin Ointment packages is $34.06 for a package of 144. Making the cost of 3 packs per minor module 71 cents. However, the base will spend $12,833.85 to replace $631.72 worth of expired shelf life items. Imagine the savings when spread across the whole DoD enterprise. Surely there is an easy fix to this incredible waste of funds!

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