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Bus checkpoints to save millions of gallons of gas

At the NASA Glenn Research Center, it's difficult to find parking anywhere on lab. Many people drive a huge 4-door sedan or SUV, just to drive themselves to work. For many suburbs, RTA buses are not spaced optimally for us and using them takes too long to get to work.


I propose finding under-utilized parking lots at checkpoints strategically located miles away from federal workplaces and use them for employee parking. Employees are then directly bused as a group from the lot to their common destination. There are numerous variants on this idea, of which I will not discuss here.


The idea is to reduce the fuel used on moving metal around. In other words, focus on increasing the ratio of the mass of people to the mass of the vehicle. To help pay for the buses, employees would pay a fee to cover yearly maintenance. This number is much less than what people would pay in gasoline.



It is a minor inconvenience though. I suspect that many people would not participate unless they like the idea of saving gas, don't want to drive their car far, or have some other incentive to ride.



Besides energy savings and putting less miles on personal vehicles, one benefit is the networking opportunity a bus ride provides. This could possibly encourage team cohesion and the building of trust.


Overall, I've probably made mistakes in the details as currently described. Maybe that's not the best way to do it. But the concept of maximizing human to vehicle ratios is at the core of this idea. There's got to be a way to do better. Maybe you, the reader, can think of a better variant on this concept?

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