Department of Justice

Bureau of Prisons Call-Out/Change Sheets

Institutions print out call-outs / change sheets for inmates to view every day. One copy may contain up to 25 pages of entries. As many as 75 copies are made each day for posting in various areas for inmates to read. This accounts for as much as 13125 pages of printed material for one week at one institution. If you two side print the document, it still amounts to 6563 printed pages of material per week for one institution. Multiply that by the approximate 125 institutions and the cost of paper, toner, maintenance on the copier, etc begins to add up significantly. (Not to mention the time taken for staff to stand at the copier to make copies) I propose placing a reader board, much like we see in Bus Depots and Airport Terminals, for inmates to review each day. The initial cost would be recouped well within the first six months of operation and the savings would compound after that. The information can be deleted and replaced each day and not one sheet of paper is wasted. The inmates still are made aware of call outs and work changes, and the institution saves valable funding for resources costly to their operating budgets.

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