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Build Our Own Computers

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Many government resources like the United States Air Force have a mandated process for purchasing new computers. The Air Force in particular must purchase computers through AFWAY in accordance with Instruction. Recently I purchased $14,000 worth of HP computers for my unit. I bought 20 microtowers from the limited selection AFWAY offered me. After a quick search on Google Products, the towers I purchased were only $50 cheaper per unit through AFWAY than on the public market. This is not a savings, and this does not benefeit the government. With a budget of $14,000 I could have custom built from scratch approximately 30 to 40 units based on computing needs. These computers would be built using widely available and widely compatible components and would have helped me unit much more than paying for less computers with more parts that we don't need. By building the computers on-site we would save an estimated 35% at a minimum on all computer purchases, enabling units to spend money on other areas of importance. The growing dependance on technology does not need to be one of our great weaknesses, we can make that dependance work FOR us by utilizing the best means possible for purchases and doing it RIGHT as opposed to EASY.

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