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Budget planning and cuts

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Throughout the time I have worked for DOD I have seen so many ways that money is being wasted.

Shops and codes have a set amount of money a year they can spend on for their budget. Some spend it all at once, which doesn't work well, because when it gets close to the end of the fiscal year, they have run out of many items and don't have the money in their budget to get more, or they have to borrow money. Then other's break up their spending throughout the year. So they have a set amount every month.

Everyone tries to spend every penny or as close to, because if they don't then their budget gets cut and they recieve less money the next year.

I believe it would be more cost effective and more employees would comply better if they have their set amount for the year; but instead of spending it all, give them a bonus for saving. The more they save, the bigger the bonus. (Not going overboard of course with said budget) Then the next year give them the same budget, and do the same thing every year. After three to five years look at the budget, see how much they are actually spending, and then either drop the budget or raise it for each group. I believe this will save us millions of dollars. Plus it gives employees incentive to save more and spend less. They will have much less waste. I also have seen that we can only order from specific vendor's when they charge much more than others. We should open our availability to who we buy from.

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