Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Budget for Federal Workers Spending

From what I understand each agency has an authorized amount for the spending budget each year, and the monies have to be used, for the catorgorized purpose, be it eletronices, staff support, etc. and each year all the amount needs to be spent for just that purpose, or the agency may not receive the same amount for the next year, with that being said, money is used on computers, and other office equipment, so that is shows that that budget was spent for the year, the money should be disputed as need be each year, if it is not all needed, it should roll over into the next fiscial year, that does not mean that the amount needs to be chaged, but that not as much needed to be spent that year. not spent because, they want to have the same amont next year, the Federal Government wastes so much money each year. I need to mention that the bonuses that some employees get are $25,000, that are already making over 100,00 a year, and others get nothing. The budget for Federal Funding, needs to be addressed more closely exspecially spending money unneccessarily, on things that are not really needed that year, only to keep the budget, the same, or the money should be placed in an area that needs it, like short on staff.


Thank you

Cheryl ALexander-lewis



Idea No. 202