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Budget Roll Over..end "Spend it or Lose it" thought

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The DoD budget process need to be revamped. For years Air Force leaders have been forced to spend the money or lose it. It’s simple economic principles that have been neglected for years and has contributed to the current debt crisis. A budget fluctuates with supply/demand, operations tempo, leadership/management, unit needs etc. Instead of being rewarded by effectively managing a budget. Units are punished by being forced to making snap purchases of items we may not necessarily need or lose the money al together. I have been a Government Purchaser and I have been assigned to 6 bases, this is a common thing. Yes the left over money gets rolled into a "Fall Out" or "Unfunded" pot and units compete for a chance to get their purchases made. Yes these purchases have to be “justified” but this justification is always based on the premises of the spend it or lose it. This pressures units into making purchases that are not really needed and can be justified to prevent Fraud, Waste, and Abuse reports. I believe allowing a budget to “Roll Over” would save the DoD an unprecedented amount of money for years to come.

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