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Budget Incentive Plan

I work in the Air Force as a Contracting Specialist. We buy everything the AF requires in order to accomplish the mission; anything from services (i.e. removing trash), commodities (computers), construction (offices) or systems (aircraft). We deal with all the organizations' budget and try to find the best deal. The main problem that i find, and the easiest solution to save a lot of money would be providing incentive to every organization, squadron, department, etc when saving money. In other words, when it comes to Septermber, the end of the fiscal year, all the organizations come to contracting to spend all their money because; otherwise, the Federal Government would cut their budget. If they do not spend every single penny of their budget, next year, Congress will reduce their funding. At this time, all the Government entities are encouraged to spend all the money they receive. There is no incentive saving money; in fact, there is a rejection towards that because leadership doesnt want to see their budget reduced. What I am supporting is the idea of motivating people to save money; spending only the money they really need in order to operate and accomplish their mission. Currently, if a department is given $10 million for the whole FY11, they will only use $2 million during the whole year, and when it comes to August and September (end of the fiscal year) they start spending the rest of the money because otherwise, they would lost those additional $8 million for next year's budget. They were able to operate only with 2 million, Congress reduces their budget to $2 million. Situations like this occur all over the Federal Government. Congres must change their budgeting format and promote savings among organizationss. There are several solutions to do this. One of them would be increasing the organiations budget for next year whith the money they saved. That way, the more you save, the more your budget is going to increase for next fiscal year. ***Need to continue***

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