Department of Defense

Broken Budget Process in DOD

Currently within DOD money is passed down the chain based on what we call projected budget numbers, these numbers are prior year spending averaged over the last 3 years plus change in mission requests. 1. Squadron, groups and bases are shorted the next year if they fail to spend what they are given in current FY. 2. The changing missions and the multitude of different events/ trainings, exercises, competency training, conferences, and career broadening event.

3. Inexperience and inability of the lowest level manager to control the changes that will affect them. 4. Overall lack of trust in the system that needs will be supported if the mission changes after a reduced budget is submitted. I want to start with number

4, if we are to make dramatic changes in the way we budget to give back to the nation, there has to be an available pot of money at the next higher levels, at every step from the base all the way back to Air Staff.

An example of this would be, Moody AFB gets 56 Million dollars to support operations, as broken out by Air Staff. Of that 56M 10% is held in escrow so to speak, $5,600,000.00 is taken off the top and broken into 3 pots of money one at Air Staff get $1,866,666.67, on at MAJCOM $1,866,666.67, and one at the Base level $1,866,666.67. This will do 3 things, A. It will give the Commanders the confidence that if they truly cut the budget to the lowest level possible money will still be available if changes happen and you need additional money.

B. It will allow MAJCOM’s to authorize all approved training trips, the greatest O&M dollar consumer in DOD is TDY cost. If there is not specific Technical Order guidance, the TDY should have to go to MAJCOM for review by the functional manager of that field of expertise to give a yeah or nay on the trip. Basically a justification letter would have to be provided stating the benefit of the trip. With a 56M budget, saveing 30% across the board, with a total savings of 16.8M from top to bottom. Thanks



Idea No. 4247