Department of Housing and Urban Development

Bring common sense to EEO handling within HUD

It appears that HUD uses the EEOC motion/hearing process to provide training to their new Office of General Council attorneys. According to the last EEO office studies the Agency spends $194,000K+ per case by the time it gets to the EEOC hearing stage. The EEOC must have costs incurred by the time judges are involved too. Many, if not most, cases that I have been involved with as a union official could have been settled with a simple change in supervisor or team. HUD and OGC should do a cost study for their current "methodology" and then consider if they could do an 'early settlement feasilbility' study to see where cases can be settled. The current methodology of taking everything to hearing because they believe that if they don't the "flood gates will open" has been incredibly expensive and hasn't helped with morale or productivity of all affected.



Idea No. 5037