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Bring back the punch clock!

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Keeping track of the hours worked of millions of federal employees is an important job. Federal workers do not get paid automatically by salary, although many folks have rigged the electronic timesheet system that way. We can save our nation money by putting in an old fashioned honest day's work, day in and day out. But who is keeping track/ Who is watching? In certain branches a few supervisors are watching, but by and large, the honor system of timekeeping has failed. With the advent of telework (flexi-place work schedule) there is finally a computerized method of recording when folks are actually "working" from home. However, in many many many federal facilities across this great nation, there is no way to keep track of employees reporting to work each day, or even what time they actually arrive on site. We are thankful for the many flexible options we have for our schedules, but just like in grade school....you give an inch, but some take a mile. Our predecessors knew this; they used punch clocks. We have the opportunity to make them digital and hardwire them directly to the current computerized timesheet system. Let's take a proud step forward and save America some money by properly accounting for the hours folks "actualy" work, compared to the hours they "report" they work when nobody is looking. The punch clock...bring it back and digitize it!

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