Department of Defense

Bring Efficancy to Defense Contracts

Currently I'm working with an organization that tests a system built by a defense contractor. One would assuem that testing this system would require a full delivery of this said system. However this is not the case. When the defense contractor delievers the system it does not come with all the nessacary data bases and inferstructor inorder to run the program for testing. Currently my group is trying to build data bases and emulating softward for this system from scratch. We know for a fact the contractor already has these systems built. If defense contractors were required to provide an image of the hard drive they used to develop the software my group, and many other like it would not need to charge so much time to the government developing and building from scratch things that have already been built by the defense contractor. Let me say this in terms that are easy to understand. Once a product is built for the government. The agency who is charged with testing that product should get a full delivery of the system by way of an image of the hard drive used to develop the program. The imaged hard drive should have the program, the emulating softward, and all data bases needed to run the program correctly. This idea will cut wastful spending on work that is currently being done twice. Once by the defense contractor who develops the product and second by my group who tests and certifies it.



Idea No. 6397