Department of Veterans Affairs

Bonus from saved funds

Bonus from saved funds if agency spends less than their allocated funds.


Department chiefs and acquisition in -charge are spending their funds by end of the fiscal year so that they can get equally or more funds following year. Due to this they fund unwanted projects or do not attempt to save tax payer’s money and there is no motivation for a people working under him/her to speak-up on saving the tax dollars.

If I budget $500/month for my groceries, my wife saves at least $70-$100 so that we can go out for dinner with the saved amount. I am sure most of American families do this; I don’t understand why our government /agency have to spend all the allocated money within the fiscal year.

Why not agencies chief request their staff to spend less than their allocated funds. To work this, agency should motivate their staff by providing bonus from the saved funds to the department/program staff who accomplished the scope/task in less than allocated funds.

I witness this initiative work in commercial world and I have seen people reusing paper cups, picking one pens and printing in double sided etc to save money.



Idea No. 11593