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Executive Office of the President

Blackberry Voucher Program-$450 million annual in savings

Blackberry Replacement Voucher Program


Replace Government Provided Blackberries and Cell Phones with Vouchers


Many government employees and contractors are provided Blackberries to fulfill their job tasks. However, most also have a personal cell-phone as well.


My proposal would be to give government employees and contractors a cash voucher to use their own personal smart-phones, Blackberries, iPhones, Androids instead of a government provided one. The amount of the voucher should be about half of the total cost per month for a government provided Blackberry (including maintaining Blackberry Enterprise Servers), sharing the savings between the government and employees.


This would lead to nearly $450 million in savings per year (based on 50% voucher opt-in; $1.8 billion paid per year to Verizon).


Green benefits: employees not charging up two devices (government-issued and personal) at work; less land-fill as employees will have one less device to dispose of in the long-run.


1) Allowable phones and provides would need to be on an approved list in order to qualify to receive the voucher

2) Approved phones and providers would need to meet all government security specifications

3) Voucher recipients would need to agree to allow their phone number to be listed wherever a government cell phone number is normally listed

4) Voucher recipients would need to provide proof that their phone is available to receive business related emails and phone calls

5) Existing help desks would continue to support users



Idea No. 13605