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Billions in savings with LEAP for CBP

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Change CBP to LEAP (law enforcement availabilty pay). This would eliminate the 15% & 20% night pay differentials & take out the 50% Sunday pay. It would cost 25% more pay to every officer, but you could eliminate the overtime, which costs hundreds of millions a year, or nearly a billion dollars per year. Over ten years we are looking at nearly 10 billion in savings. It would change the system by having all officers sheduled for 50 hours a week, which would help with the extreme shortage of Officers that is seen in many ports. Also, give them investigative powers allowing them to really do their jobs, although it would take away their rights to a Union. And last of all, reinstate the hiring of CBP technicians, which cap at GS-7 and do a great job. Even increase their pay to GS-9 and you can imagine the savings over time having these dedicated individuals doing the job that is now being done by GS-12 Officers. I don't know, it's what I have?

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