Department of Veterans Affairs

Better use of software programs to reduce the cost of printing

The VA is supposed to go paperless in the future. So, why do we print the letters from MAP-D, PCGL, and RBA 2000, for the veteran’s file? These letters are all saved and available for viewing at any time. PCGL and RBA 2000 letters are in Virtual VA. Uploading MAP-D letters into Virtual VA would result in having all letters stored in one centralized location. Additionally, since we have access to the veteran’s medical records on CAPRI, there should be no reason to print these records for the file either. The veteran's C-File would just contain materials from the veteran, outside sources, and old medical records that are not available in CAPRI. Also, in CAPRI there should be an additional tab where only doctors’ notes and reports are located. The clinical records tab should contain all the documents it does now, but the additional tab would help when we are looking for a diagnosis from the doctor. Also, if we still have to print CAPRI, this tab would save a lot of time in the printing process. Also, military hospitals should have a centralized system similar to CAPRI so if a veteran is treated at one of these facilities, we would have access to the records immediately. By incorporating these practices we would save time and money.

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