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Department of Labor

Better coordination of investigations and audits

There are multiple agencies within the Department of Labor (DOL) that might have jurisdiction over the same employer. When two or more agencies within DOL is conducting an investigation or audit of the same employer in the same year, there ought to be better coordination among the agencies to ensure that it is conducted as close to each as possible, preferably at the same time. Better coordination will serve two purposes: (1) reduce burden on employers being investigated or audited; (2) and increase the impact of a DOL action against employers who are out of compliance (an employer who is out of compliance with a law is more likely than not to be out of compliance with other laws). A formal protocol should be developed to handle these types of scenarios, preferably a database that every agency within DOL can have access to. Every agency with investigation or audit authorities should have a stake in this. With limited resources at DOL’s disposal, the department should be coordinating better and leverage every asset available to protect worker rights and level the playing field for law biding employers.



Idea No. 8588